Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BackSTABBER in friendship ?

i just keep keeping ur secret, because u said, 'dont tell anybody else'. and i just keep it nicely as u told me to.

and u find me, ask me to accompany u. to solve the problem. then i said yes, i will.because, when u such in that difficult time, u got no friend. but me.

but when u find it just a misunderstood, you just feel easy. u can be relax now. then, i'm no more need for u. but still its ok to me, to be acknowledge by u. just because just i just use to that kind of situation.

but without my knowledge, u spread out to everybody that 'she cant be trusted, she spread out about my fault' and in the same time, u just telling them, (story morry konon) about ur mistake, which u asked me to keep it silence.

yup, i'm proudly announce that what such a good friend u are. spreading to others,make my name look so bad. (i'm such untrusted people, look i care).it doesnt matter.

but, how 'clever' u are. just spreading about yourself.??? heh???

want to make other people looking down to me, but instead u make urself look like a stupid -.0 i just cant understand this kind of people.

# tiada kaitan hidup atau mti.just a story pick up nowhere. (ye ke???)

best word ever =p


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