Monday, June 17, 2013

Pre-Graduation Night and Dean Award ! Congratulations!

WARNING !!! WARNING !!! and WARNING once again !!!
P/S :
for those who can hold themself from things like A PERSON WHO CANT SPEAK WELL BUT STILL SPOKEN WITH BROKEN ENGLISH AND NO GRAMMAR, PLEASE PLEASE and PLEASE !!!! dont u dare to read and put some negative comment. BECAUSE i hate to be criticism from those who cant give me motivation. (jom blah weh! blagak jer minah ni ~ POYO habis!)


Hi, Salam alaikum wbt buat semua para sahabat n kengkawan sekalian. & salam 1 Malaysia for those nonMuslim okeh.

Weayo? why? Ottokea? haha. Tetiba wishing Selamat Hari Graduasi? Apa citer? Cer citer cikit? JOM !

Last week were our last week as Radiography College student of Univercity Malaya diploma course. We got three(3) days examination on Monday(10th June of 2013) OSCE 1, Tuesday(11th June of 2013) OSCE 2 and the last one , VIVA VOCE on Thursday(13th June of 2013). 

and now, MERDEKA !!!! 

Actually, currently we are not graduated diploma student yet. Because the TRUTH was, we were waiting for our final examination result's. BUT, still we are hoping for our best.  InsyaAllah semua akan dapat result cemerlang.

Picture above showed 8 students from BATCH 20 KRPPUM  who got Dean Award, and one of them is ME ! Which one? let the picture keep d secret. LOL ;P

The day after our last paper (not paper actualy but kind of like some interview to us), we have our pre-graduation night. some kind of AWKWARD moment because this is the first time our dinner had to combine with other college such Nursing, Post Graduate Nursing, and Medical Laboratory Technicians.

TRY TO IMAGING !!!! How should we react when 70 amount of student from our college go through a bush of people. around 500 student from Nursing college attend that night. When we are performing on stage, they just kept gave us this BOOO~ and so what. And just cheering their colleagues.

ARGHH !!!!!! what so annoying attitude dude!


PAYING RM100 just for eating and fill 1/3 of my gaster.

Makan kedai tepi jalan bayar RM10 boleh makan dua orang perut kenyang !!! FULL !

Okey, im getting tired from thinking of these things. gonna go, then, till we see again ! chow~


# maaflamerapuntahapa2.   

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